The colour of her blood was the least of my worries.

The colour of her blood was the least of my worries. (sea creature) Charlie Saunders was not the type of boy to take notice of anything other then a girls pure assets, he was not even the type of person to find the outcasts attractive, and he most certainly was not the type to notice... Continue Reading →


Goddess Hela

I have written yet another story of mythology but this time I look into the depths of Norse Mythology and a goddess that until Thor - Ragnorok was completely non-existent. This time it features another character which I hope is clear enough of which one is which. Enjoy. Loki went in with another swoop of... Continue Reading →

Harry potter studios!!

Harry potter studios was the best visit I've ever had! EVER! So I've had the tickets bought for me since not this Christmas, but last and I've only just been on the 27th January and it was so good, specially if you are a MASSIVE harry potter fan. WHICH I AM. After booking it i... Continue Reading →

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