A trip to Glastonbury I took last year!

Living in a world of materialism I’ve always had a love for magic and fiction, It’s my escape and it’s been a part of me that tends to leak out in my day to day life, from my pottery all the way to my fashion. There has always been one place in the world that... Continue Reading →


Harry potter studios!!

Harry potter studios was the best visit I've ever had! EVER! So I've had the tickets bought for me since not this Christmas, but last and I've only just been on the 27th January and it was so good, specially if you are a MASSIVE harry potter fan. WHICH I AM. After booking it i... Continue Reading →

Floristry – An overview

  Floristry, now as I said in my first blog about who I am, I'm a florist. A fully qualified one with about 2-3 years experience in it, now the thing that most people don't know about floristry is that, like fashion there are high end designer florists, people who are at the top of... Continue Reading →

Roller Skating #rollout

Roller skating isn't just for children, funnily enough people still look at me like.... WHAT ON EARTH, it's a fully grown woman flapping about on roller skates. In case you hadn't noticed im a new roller skater, hence the knee pads in the picture below ( I don't trust myself) So , since I was... Continue Reading →

About me

  So This is me, My names Leonie Chidley. I am a crazy, fun bubbly character with a real passion for Harry potter, Pottery, Reading, Painting…Fluffy clothes and bedtime, Hot chocolate, Partying and generally having fun. I am fully qualified florist and study it for two years and has worked at three florists and a... Continue Reading →

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