The colour of her blood was the least of my worries.

The colour of her blood was the least of my worries. (sea creature) Charlie Saunders was not the type of boy to take notice of anything other then a girls pure assets, he was not even the type of person to find the outcasts attractive, and he most certainly was not the type to notice... Continue Reading →

Goddess Hela

I have written yet another story of mythology but this time I look into the depths of Norse Mythology and a goddess that until Thor - Ragnorok was completely non-existent. This time it features another character which I hope is clear enough of which one is which. Enjoy. Loki went in with another swoop of... Continue Reading →

National Pet month!

What with it becoming National pet month very soon (April) I thought I would indulge you in how I got the BEST cat in the world, for free. I thought I would also attach a crazy amount  of photos of the little guy, so you can all put a name to the face. Padfoot Mystopholies... Continue Reading →

Making your own cosmetics

I have always wanted to make my own cosmetics and cut out the unknown middle man, cut out the plastic and the nasty chemical and keep life easy and simple. I have done a workshop within herbal medicine and that then gave me a real kick and interest into what plants can do for us,... Continue Reading →

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