Goddess Hela

I have written yet another story of mythology but this time I look into the depths of Norse Mythology and a goddess that until Thor – Ragnorok was completely non-existent. This time it features another character which I hope is clear enough of which one is which. Enjoy.

Loki went in with another swoop of his weapon, a large sword with an end like a lizards tongue. Baldr being the large and some would say slightly overweight gentlemen ducked and dived as much as he could, Loki’s ability to project himself quickly was hard for Baldr. Loki took one more swift and final blow to Baldr’s stomach, the large and once burly man had fallen. No more would the beloved god be getting back up. Loki looked back at the man he had once called brother and felt no remorse.

“WILL YOU GET OUT FROM UNDER MY F***ING FEET!” Screeched Hela. Not one of the servants were anywhere near the ungrateful goddess. Hela being the daughter of Loki and agrboda (a hideous excuse of an immortal giantess) was indeed the embodiment of her parents. The apple never falls far from the tree. Odin had banished Hela to look over hell and many of the dead have described her as half black and half white, The two faced terror. The servants were whispering about the new arrival, a white wisp of a human came tearing into the mansion, and with that Hela had the spirit of Baldr in her mansions and surrounded by black obsidian, trapping him in a cage.

“Why am I glad to see you here Baldr…Isn’t it so strange how things often turn out” As Hela paced up and down the old and dusky mansion she called home? “and there was me, under the understanding you were one of the most glorious and sought after fighters of Asgard! and you have the nerve to stand here in my mansion. AND YOU HAVN’T EVEN BEEN SENT TO VALHALLA!. how the Valkyries will be so disappointed”

“Hela, please. Stop rubbing it in, there must have been a mix-up, did you summon me?”

“NO!, but I will most certainly keep you here!”

Hela sculked away and left Baldr’s floating spirit in a cage created by Black Obsidian.

Nine nights and nine days it took Hermod to ride on Sleipnir to Hela and find Baldr to bring him back… he pleaded with Hela and asked for his fallen hero to be returned, he spoke of all living things and how they all have dead sorrow for the god.

“If this is so then let EVERYTHING in the cosmos weep for him, and I will send him back to you, But if any refuse then I will keep him here for good!”

Hermod took it upon himself to alarm every living creature in the cosmos to weep for Baldr’s death and to let the tears flow. Loki saw this as a Great opportunity to keep Baldr at bay. The cunning and intelligent god dressed as a Giantess and did not weep for Baldr, He told Hermod to let Hela keep what is hers. There Baldr stays at the side of Hela’s thrown as a reminder to all Creatures that you cannot cheat death until Ragnarok arrives he will be trapped!


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