The Tale of Touphexia – Part 1.

So I started trying to write a short novel, and I’ve always wanted to do it and I’ve always had that pull to do it, so I’m starting bit by bit…edit by edit and I might just get there. What do we think of the start?

The Tale of Touphexia

There it stands in a darkened and lonely pathway, awaiting some sort of recognition. It is a many wondrous thing is nature, yet here I stand in a dark place wondering where it all went wrong.

Today was as any other day, starting with breakfast with all 9 of us around the table. My twin brother and I trying to keep our heads down and stay out of the feud between Aulathar and Khartan. Every day there was a new subject up for discussion or rather, debate. Today’s topic consisted of what sounded like a dare to see who could beat a rabbit in a race. I myself was more concerned in my thoughts, wondering if I could shoot an arrow like my father. I don’t want to be a cross stitching, stay at home mum.


Breakfast shortly finishes the rabbit topic extended all day on and off. Aulathar, just like my father was a born hunter. A provider of the family and built like a wild bear, he has many talents. My father being the traditional gentlemen, he was extremely proud of my eldest brother and I’m his favorite daughter. I’m his only daughter. With six sons my father was swamped with the task of teaching them adult-hood. My mother, a small thin lady with stern bright red lips and an appetite for cross stitching, she didn’t have much time for me.


The day ran by fast, but the evenings were always my own to do what I want with. What I always wanted was to be outdoors. I have always loved nature and the grounding feeling of being in the woods, the woodland always fills me with a sense of home. My family and I have always lived in the large building we have, on the very edge of the village right next to the woods. Some evenings I hear the trees clattering together and the summer wind whistling through every individual blade of grass. There is nothing like a summer evening in Touphexia, but something this evening was quite different, I couldn’t tell you how, or even why. I sure as hell could tell you it didn’t feel right.


That very same evening I had what happened to be one of the most horrific premonitions, not only did I wake with shivering, but I’m almost more than certain there was someone or something in my room. I have always had what my mother called an overactive imagination, she never believed a word I said so I gave up even telling her. Luckily for me my twin brother and I were so close I’m sure he understood, kind of like he could feel it too.


I wandered down that cold and lonely corridor to my twin’s room, lightly knocked on the door and wondered on in. He was awake too. He looked as scared as I was.




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