Tips and ticks for flower arranging at home!!

As I have said before I am a fully qualified florist and was in the wedding game for a while, Over my 5 years of doing floristry I have really gained a deep understanding for floristry. And now as it comes into summer and flowers are more readily available here are my top tips and trick of arranging flowers that will help any novice!

Tip number 1:

Colour wheel

Think about your colours, many people have an understanding of what colours don’t go, but what is better is to have an understand of what does go. Do your research on the types colour scheme there are including polychromatic, near complimentary and split complimentary, this knowledge is available all over google and the internet and will really help you to understand what goes! It will help you to no end.

Tip number 2:


Think about the space within your arrangement, each flower must have its own space, flowers can be very selfish and need space to breath. By this I mean each flower should not be touching another of its own kind, in floristry there are many types of design so you can have them all grouped together ( flowers of the same kind) but for the purpose of this we will use the term ‘ Evenly spaced’ for this. Also make sure you haven’t packed them into the vase to tightly.

Tip number 3:


Be sure to change the water on your flowers every day, flowers love clean water considering they live in the ground they need fresh and clean water. If you have no flower food readily available thing about adding a drop of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar to the water, the sugar will give the flowers nutrients. Some people swear by adding lemonade to their flowers.

Tip number 4:

How to deal with large vases

If you have a large square or oval vase, and you have a small bunch of flowers that just flop to one side, maybe think about putting clear tap, crisscrossed over the top and then you can feed the stems through and will keep them evenly distributed.

Tip number 5:

Cut your stems.

Once you have got some flowers you must always cut an inch of the bottom of your stems. Another thing to think about is once the stems are in the vase if you cut them straight they will sit on the bottom and not suck up as much water? In which case you will need to cut them at at least a 45 degree angle to ensure the best.

Tip number 6:

Super market flowers and how to choose them.

When picking flowers in the supermarkets you want to know your getting the best for your money right? So the best thing to do, when it comes to roses is the squish them ( sound horrible i know) but at the very base of the flower, you know that bulbous bit, squish that, if it feels hard.. your good to go, if your fingers touch and its super squishy..don’t buy. When it comes to other flowers check for brown spots, mould and wilting. But give all flowers a feel, you can tell a lot from the feel of them.

And those are my top tips for flowers in the home. There are many more things to be learnt when it comes to flowers, I studied them for 2 years and I’m still learning. So stay tuned for more help.

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