National Pet month!

What with it becoming National pet month very soon (April) I thought I would indulge you in how I got the BEST cat in the world, for free. I thought I would also attach a crazy amount  of photos of the little guy, so you can all put a name to the face.

Padfoot Mystopholies Chidley is his full title, and he is the cutest black and white cat (although everyone will say there cat is the best). I called him Padfoot after the dog from harry potter ( AKA Sirius Black) and yes he is named after a dog, and how weird is that, but the only other name I had was crook shanks, and that cat is ginger and didn’t suit him. That is what I stuck by, and we call him Paddy for short. His middle name mystopholies is from the film/west-end play CATS! and well I think my cat looks similar to him.

I got paddy through my aunt after being on holiday had found little paddy and his two siblings (both of them ginger) in her back garden….in a bin.

My old dog had recently passed away, and anybody who has animals will know that once they are gone, the house becomes really quiet and odd without one. My life had gotten very hectic and I couldn’t warrant getting another dog. Luckily that’s where my Paddy came in. He was born in my aunt’s dustbin just at the right time, he’s a sweet little bundle of wool that will always come when he is called (granted he can drive me insane with the hair and the mischief but hes totally cute).

Paddy has the ability to lift my spirits when im feeling low, and yet he has the ability to make me more annoyed then when I started, but I wouldn’t have him any other way, hes a crazy fool with more sass than anyone I know.


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