Making your own cosmetics

I have always wanted to make my own cosmetics and cut out the unknown middle man, cut out the plastic and the nasty chemical and keep life easy and simple. I have done a workshop within herbal medicine and that then gave me a real kick and interest into what plants can do for us, so combining two subjects I could make presents and smellies that will also cure many ailments( im not claiming to be a herbal practitioner, i’m just giving it a whirl).

I started by collecting some items that you don’t usually find around the house, such as Himalayan pink bath salts, an array of different essential oils. you can pick what ever ones you want depending on your tastes or the tastes of the person you are gifting it too. I also went and picked up a pack of 15 cute looking jam jars which were the perfect size along with a lovely looking jar from poundland.

I started making these items very early in the day and by the end of it i had an almighty headache due to all the smells and essential oils. I made a huge mess of the kitchen and at the time I was making these when it was snowing outside, so to cool down the melted coconut oil in the body oil I put the jam jar on the back step, surrounded by snow!!

The first item I made was a earl grey Tea Bath. I used unbleached tea bags and added 2 cups of Himalayan bath salts, Half a cup of rolled oats, and half a cup of earl grey tea and added them to tea bags, which once sealed up with ribbon and added to a bath was lovely as the oats give a real silky feel to my skin.

Another item was just some normal Himalayan bath salts which had a mix of them, dried lavender and some lavender essential oils to make it really smell!

I also made a lemon hand lotion, which I cheated with and used a base lotion and added lemon essential oil…. But don’t tell anyone!!

I also made a body scrub and body oil, lip balm…and other things. I will create more blogs and give you all updates on recipes and feedback when I get some!



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