A trip to Glastonbury I took last year!

Living in a world of materialism I’ve always had a love for magic and fiction, It’s my escape and it’s been a part of me that tends to leak out in my day to day life, from my pottery all the way to my fashion. There has always been one place in the world that has attracted my attention, Glastonbury. Here is a place I can really get on board with, I had been told stories about the Isle of Avalon and king Arthur and the knights of the round table, how could I not… it’s a classic. So my mother and I had decided we would go, and I was so EXCITED!

We stayed in a cute little B&B called the Overlook, which was right on highstreets above a cute little art shop that look as old as the tale of king Arthur and Excalibur. The high street was well worth and 3-and-a-half-hour journey, filled with the beautiful, ornate architecture. The enjoyable over powering smell of different incense as you pass each shop, or even when you get out the car in the high street, it’s the only thing you can smell, and I love it. Our B&B was beautiful, a squishy little single bed next to a huge double with an en-suite. From the window you can see a perfume shop, called None other than…The Lady of the Lake. With its yellow exterior, wooden insides and a strong smell from within, I couldn’t resist it being the first shop I wanted to go into. With a real love of natural items this shop really intrigued me, as you walk in there are stands of soaps, beard oils and face masks, but the back of the shop really enticed me in. There sat a round table and one single shelf the whole way round this little corner, with pictures of people (I’m assuming from something kind Arthur related) they all had names to each little glass perfume bottle sitting underneath. Each perfume was unisex, meaning you can pick whatever smell you like, all be it musky and strong to sweet and floral. I left that shop with a lovely bottle of perfume that I only use on special occasions.

That very same day that we arrived we had covered most of the high street, entering every shop, which all contained the smell of incense and the pure fascination that magic, in this high street…Could be real.

That night we entered a pub called The George hotel and Pilgrims inn, a 15th century inn with flagstone floor and iron fireplaces, a warm little pub with dim lights selling real pub food, a really cute little place filled with likeminded people all drinking ales of many sorts in discussing the events of the day and only stumbling distance from The Overlook.

Day 2 of my Glastonbury expedition and I knew it was straight to the chalice well springs, a place said to be filled with sacred water and was a place where King Arthur had taken his baths. A short stone throw from the high street where I was staying this little place was hidden by tall shrubs and fences, unable to see from the outside I really wondered what I was about to find behind the entrance. The entrance being a kiosk where you can by large bottles with the chalice well logo on, we passed this and entered. We entered into what I can only describe as the most beautiful gardens you could imagine, every plant well-kept and with a little label underneath telling you the botanical name. as you walk further and deeper into these gardens you explore more places to calmly sit and contemplate your inner thoughts, there is a sound of trickling water where ever you go. Right at the back of these gardens sits a well. One surrounded by plants, with a large wooden door opening up from the ground, with an iron symbol on. One I had never seen before. On coming back down these gardens you find yourself at a place with a lion’s head and water spurting out its mouth, this is where you can fill your bottle up, of what I can only describe as the most metallic tasting red water I have ever seen. We finished that day off with another trip to the same pub!

Day 3, and a trip to this time…The White springs. This place is almost opposite to the chalice wells, and looks awfully creepy. From the outside it looks like a just a random building with a little courtyard were people sit to do their whittling, you go in through a small door to be told you’re not allowed to take photos and as you walk in, you find yourself in what looks like and underground, gothic building with a big round, but surprisingly shallow bath, with floating candles in it. To the left of that is a larger square bath where naked people seem to be bobbing up and down in it. The building had many old brick arch ways and had no natural light and no light bulbs, just candle light and a few old Victorian gas lights. What a weird place that was, and it goes without saying, no I did not get naked and in a bath with strangers in the middle of April…although it is on my bucket list for next time (I will be wearing a swim suit, thank you!)

The next day my mum decided she wanted to go up the Tor, I on the other hand looked at that MASSIVE hill on the way here and thought better of it. I went for a light touch of a shopping spree, Where I indulged in many crazily colour shirts, a couple of gem stones for gifts for others. An odd looking drum from Africa which currently sits on my shelf next to my pottery, looking like I’ve been travelling when really I never left England, a few incense sticks, a dress. I then sat outside a coffee shop and performed my favourite pass time called “People watching” (hint: There are some really interesting people in Glastonbury). My mum and I had a final potter round the high street, where I found an empty shop, and as I gazed in wondering what I could do to it if I were to have one, many ideas flashed into my head, I could sell pottery, I could have a florist in there…etc. and as the last day of my magical adventure comes to a close I wonder why I’d never been here before, a place of mystery and magic, a place not for everyone and a place that many would find bizarre and yet this place has many qualities and many things to see that make the mind boggle. A place I will be coming back to again!


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