Harry potter studios!!

Harry potter studios was the best visit I’ve ever had! EVER!

So I’ve had the tickets bought for me since not this Christmas, but last and I’ve only just been on the 27th January and it was so good, specially if you are a MASSIVE harry potter fan. WHICH I AM.

After booking it i had totally forgotten that i had it, until two weeks before when the excitement started. on the day, it took us an hour and 3 minuets to drive there, and well the M25 can be a right bitch. So we were there 2 hours early, and what can you do with 2 hours…HARVESTERS!!! So the whole way round Harry potter studios i thought id be super sleepy, but the second you get in there and wait in line and see the cupboard under the stairs i was so awake, I was so awake my other half had to tell me to not cry the whole way round….how silly of me.

If you are a harry potter fan it will blow your mind, and you wont ever be able to watch it the same way! and in a really good way.

You MUST make sure that your camera is fully charged before you go, that’s the best hint i can give you. When you first enter you enter one of the most amazing rooms, im not going to spill the beans on whats in there as im sure you have already seen pictures, but when you see it in real life, it feels so surreal. To see all the animatronics and the art work going into every goblin face and everything that moves, it must have taken so much time and so many people have worked on the sets. At the end, you see a room that is the designed to be olivanda’s shop, and every wand has a name on it, its every name of every person who worked on the sets, its a crazy.SO BLOODY CRAZY! I LOVED IT! and the butterbeer is SO sweet, like cream soda with a massive blob of ice cream!

Official Harry Potter 4 Piece Multi Slider Bracelet Charm Set – Platform Snitch


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