Floristry – An overview


Floristry, now as I said in my first blog about who I am, I’m a florist. A fully qualified one with about 2-3 years experience in it, now the thing that most people don’t know about floristry is that, like fashion there are high end designer florists, people who are at the top of their game, such as..Joe Massie, Neil Strain and Shane Conolly and many others. Within the floristry industry, like fashion everybody knows everybody and there is a lot of competition..but when it comes to high street florists, there are many competitors that are not florists such as super markets. It’s a really hard industry to be in, so many people say to me oh what a lovely profession it must be so calming, or.. My personal favourite “ I’d just sit there and paint the flowers all day!” Well news flash people if I had time to drink a cup of tea while it was still hot I’d be fucking well in luck I tell you. It’s a cold, wet, nasty and hard profession with a lot of heavy lifting and long hours, specially if you were in the weddings and events industry, which I was, it was an experience I will grant you that, but would I ever go back to it?…HELL NO! I trained for two years to get there and it was good at the time, but it was hard…really hard. Within months of being at the place I worked at I was made to learn all aspects of venue styling as well, which can involve getting up really high ladders and putting up ceiling drapes or lanterns etc. now at the time I though ah yes, I’ll make myself really indispensable, if I can do everything surely I’ll be handy and on for a pay rise…there are no pay rises in floristry, you will be on £8 and hour…IF your lucky.  lunch consisted of standing at your desk shoving food in your face and then getting distracted half way through your sandwich and making another floristry item…and when you were setting up, you can’t have lunch till all weddings are done, which could be anything up to about 4pm.
In the peak of wedding and event season you could be doing roughly about 10 – 12 hours a day and 6 days a week. I have no qualms with a bit of hard work, now I’ve started at an office job im really starting to thing its a part of who I am, I’ve worked in many different places. I used to work in a restaurant doing 13 hours a day 7 days a week…That was hard, plus my travel time, meant id only get 4 hours of sleep every night, and guess what saved me….Red bull and Pro plus!!
There a real upsides and downsides to floristry many of the downsides I have already briefly spoke about some of the upsides to floristry is when you create something for someone and they love it! I’m talking about when you make a bouquet for a bride for her wedding day and its exactly how she imagined it would be since she was a little kid, and then they cry… for a split second you’re not sure if she crying because shes upset and hates it or crying because she loves it. You have this split second of pure heart attack while you try to figure out how she feels about it. On the flip side you may then get a bride who’s bouquet is slightly more lilac then pink ( we can make the flowers she chose more pink) and she will then proceed to swear and you and everyone around you, and then have a real bitch fit ( its super funny when you walk out there and hear the grooms mum say to the groom ” its not to late to back out, you know that right” If your okay with dealing with her bitch fits then you are all good!). But then you might get a bride who looks so disinterested with what you have made her. She sort of looks at it and goes okay thank you. IS THAT IT? its the biggest day of your life and all you can say is thank you? if they even say that much, they might just take it off you at the front door and go BYE!?
I have worked in four different florists and all of them are different, of course if you have a bad time at one it doesn’t mean you will have a bad time in all of them. But with floristry it has to be a burning passion for you to be able to stick it out. Is it a burning passion of mine? I don’t think so. Maybe one day I will get back into the swing of things but for now I am super happy doing flowers for friends and family, but for now that is as far as it is going.

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