Roller Skating #rollout

Roller skating isn’t just for children, funnily enough people still look at me like…. WHAT ON EARTH, it’s a fully grown woman flapping about on roller skates. In case you hadn’t noticed im a new roller skater, hence the knee pads in the picture below ( I don’t trust myself)


So , since I was a youngster, maybe 17 or so ( im 23 now) I have always thought it would be and awesome thing if roller skates came back into fashion, they look super cool ( not so much mine as they where cheap ones to see if I liked roller skating before I got fancy ones). They are so vintage and you can get some really beautiful ones. Not long ago I saw a video on YouTube of a tribe of women in America called Moxi!! Now Moxi roller skates are stunning looking boots that you can get ( You can also get light up wheels…I MUST HAVE THEM). And this team of girls who do the most amazing tricks and did tutorials on the best ways to learn how to roller skate. Now I started this endeavor in October-ish and needless to say the weather hasn’t been the best since then. So I have been trying to go as much as I can but I have only been out 4 times. I drive up to this little car park at the back of my grans place that is super quiet and fairly flat ( my area is SUPER hilly). I have been trying my best to get out but in these winter months I just want to hibernate and Binge watch TV.


So this was my last and most recent attempt at roller skating, while trying to learn to toe stop ( learning how to go is one thing, how to stop is another and is also VERY helpful!) Needless to say instead of using my actual toe stop I used the front of my skates and fell flat ( and very hard) on my ass!!!  I haven’t been back since as its been super wet, and the idea of being on my ass in the wet, doesn’t appeal to me. BUT that wont stop me im going to keep up with it as it seems to be the only exercise im okay with doing  (when the weather permits it). i cant stop doing this as once you have the skates, it’s a super fun thing to do. I am going to keep updating this blog on how my skating is going. For now….i think ill stay in bed until spring!


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